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PrimeCare Provider Network

PrimeCare Dental understands the value of providers and works together with partners like you, to ensure a high-quality dental experience for the patient, coupled with a straightforward provider experience. PrimeCare Dental offers the flexibility to better serve your patients by allowing you the liberty to create the best treatment plan for your patients. If you are interested in becoming part of a diverse network with an attractive plan structure, please fill out the interest form below, or call one of our Provider Relations Specialists at 1-800-937-3400.

In-House Dental Plans

PrimeCare offers a variety of discount dental plans, designed as an alternative for non-insured patients. These dental plans may be brokered directly through your dental office, increasing your retention rate and patient satisfaction. With low premiums and well balanced co-payments, you will find our discount plans to be an excellent marketing resource for additional income and patient count.

If you are interested in offering a dental plan within your dental office, please fill out the form below and a Provider Relations Specialist will contact you shortly.

Join our Network!

For more information on how to join our growing network of dental professionals, contact one of our Provider
Relations Representatives at 1-800-937-3400 or fill in the form below: